Free Range Chicken

Free-range farmers seek growth, gourmet status

Growers of free-range chicken are expanding their operations with a view to posting a 5-percent growth this year and the product getting classified as gourmet food. The sector grew less than 0.5 percent last year. “We’re quite focused on the A, B market. We want to be classified as gourmet, basically, because our chickens cost … Continued

Healthier eggs, healthier life

Versatile, inexpensive, nutritious and cancer-fighting. These are the attributes of eggs that made their presence appealing on tables regardless of social class. However, not all types of eggs bear the fourth characteristic. But thanks to the country’s local egg integrator, Bounty Farms Inc., the Bounty Fresh Organic Selenium-enriched Eggs is introduced in the country under … Continued

Bounty Fresh perks up local egg consumption

MANILA, Philippines – Bounty Farms Inc., a division of Bounty Fresh Group of Companies, is boosting its campaign to educate more Filipinos about the health benefits of eggs in an effort to increase egg consumption in the country, reportedly the lowest among Asian countries. Bounty Farms Inc. is taking the lead in promoting a higher … Continued