Specialty Brown Eggs

To continue our commitment in serving quality eggs, we invested for a safe and well-maintained pastures wherein our layers are allowed to roam freely with plenty of sunshine and room to exercise, making them eat more heartily with nutrient-enriched feeds. This system helps make rich yolks!

Bounty Fresh Cage-Free Eggs

Product Facts

Hens that lay these eggs have opportunity to play and spread their wings in a sealed environment that is protected against rodents, disease and climatic stress. The high physical activity makes them eat more nutritious feeds. Just imagine how good and nutritious are the eggs laid by these physically fit hens!

Bounty Fresh Free Range Eggs

Product Facts

Bounty Fresh Free Range eggs are produced by hens that are free to walk around. Free to spread their wings. Free to do natural activities like dust bathing under the sunlight and fresh air every day. The eggs laid by these hens tend to be more nutritious and tastier because of their exposure to sunlight and voracious eating habit due to their extensive locomotion.